Parkland Place

During your time at Parkland Place, you will stay in one of our luxury suites. We aim to help you feel at home as possible, with a relaxed environment, surrounded by countryside and greenery.

Welcome to Wales

We believe North Wales is a perfect backdrop to recovery, a rich, green and natural landscape full of adventure and serene peace. Located in the tranquil, coastal and mountainous region of North Wales, you will have the chance to experience innovative healing methods, as well as outstanding natural beauty. North Wales has been named the fourth-best place in the world to visit by independent traveller’s bible Lonely Planet. Our region is now known as the ‘Adventure Capital of the UK and Europe’

Life at Parkland

Parkland Place is centred on Plas Parciau, a classic stately home centred in Colwyn Bay, Northwales, located neatly in shot of the ocean, mountains, fields and woods. Parkland Places’ bespoke, therapeutic model is grounded with a single clear vision – to assist guest in changing their lives for the best. Addiction and harmful behaviours are very frequently intertwined with other factors of a social and psychological nature. We know how to give you the tools to deal with these and send you back into the world wiser and stronger. We have a wide selection of rooms, all with handsome decorations, lighting, and ensuite bathrooms – many of which have fantastic views across the grounds.

About Us

We have over 40 years of experience and have run residential facilities since the 1980s, so we are experts in both treatment and hospitality. Thousands of people have been fired from our help over the years and we only want to help even more. We draw expertise and experience from all facets of the field of addiction treatment, and what we believe to be an unrivalled therapeutic offer. We are run by a registered charity.

Rehab doesn’t have to be a stressful time, we have spent time and effort to craft a relaxing, peaceful and constructive environment in order to reorganise your brain, with a collated team of the very best professionals in the industry, in regards of psychology, therapy, hospitality and more. We commit to supporting and empowering positive lifestyle changes.

Parkland Place
100 Llanelian Road
Old Colwyn
North Wales
LL29 9UH
Call us now on: 01492 203 421