DBT Training British Isles

DBT Training British Isles is an organisation which aims to train teams of people to be able to treat people with Dialectical Behaviour Therapy training. Another of their aims is to spread awareness in the way DBT can have fantastic impact on your brain behaviour for the better. The Training Centre was founded in 1997, after it was noticed that there was a serious lack of a professional and reliable DBT Training Provider.

What is DBT (Dialectical Behaviour Therapy) ?

DBT is an adapted form of CBT (Cognitive Behavioural Therapy) which has made some significant changes from it’s predecessor. This proves more effective on those who do react well with traditional CBT. It was originally designed for helping those suffering with Borderline Personality Disorder, but the skills and practices which can be learnt from DBT are actually applicable to a range of mental issues. Skills learnt from DBT include Mindfulness, Emotion Regulation,

DBT Training  is the foremost authority on providing education and training. THe reason for this is that that compared with other groups that offer this training, British Isles DBT Training have the highest level of clinical expertise.

Professional DBT Training

All trainers have expertise in implementation of DBT within the NHS and private healthcare settings. Senior Trainers on the team are all recognised experts in the DBT and wider psychological field.The training team is built of clinical psychologists and professional counseling experts who are well versed in Dialectical Behaviour Therapy . All the trainers at BIDBT have demonstrated sustained adherence to DBT treatment, and have been assessed by independent rater, and completed a rigorous mentor-ship programme.

They are the sole licensed provider of training in dialectical behavior Therapy in Great Britain. British Isles DBT Training aim to train teams of therapists into how to effectively help those with mental health disorders which can be helped by this.

Passionate to spread the practice of DBT far and wide, British Isles DBT Training also offer ‘The Ray Miles Travel Bursary’ for which they provide travel and accommodation for those who come from countries which don’t currently have any DBT services and amenities in place.

The organisation has been training DBT teams in the UK since 1996, resulting in over 260 DBT programmes all across Great Britain.

They have recently launched a new 5 day course, specifically designed for an individual or small group of therapists (four max), who completed the basic training for DBT but are looking to move to the next stage of level two.

The company can analyse and help solve problems in implementation based on extensive experience of dialectical behaviour therapy and hence are apprised of all the latest developments.

British Isles DBT Training have had a long history of collaboration with IBS (Integral Business Support) along with Behavioral Tech LLC of Seattle, USA.