Bigfoot Storage

Bigfoot Self Storage CongletonIf you are struggling for space in your current home or business, the perfect solution can be found at Bigfoot self storage in Congleton. The high quality customer service and top of the range facilities make it the perfect place to store important personal belongings, unwanted items, or documentation. The list of reasons for why someone may consider using an individual self storage unit is endless; however, they may not know where to begin.

Simply contact the knowledgeable and experienced staff at Bigfoot Self Storage to discuss what size unit may suit your requirements. For instance, you may need to store your more expensive personal possessions safely and securely whilst moving home or taking an extended holiday.

A small unit may be the ideal solution as there are no long term lease commitments, and rates can be price matched if you have found better elsewhere. The CCTV surveillance and keypad PIN-access will ensure the safety of your items. With the 24-hour easy access, you are able to drop off and pick up items as you please.

Business Storage, Bigfoot CongletonYou may run a small business that is expanding to a crucial point where space is becoming limited for storing valuable and confidential documentation. These documents must be kept secure, and if that is becoming an issue then a secure storage unit is the perfect solution. Our facility will also take delivery of your individual or bulk items that will be kept safely until they are ready to be picked up.

If a self storage unit at Bigfoot sounds like something you could benefit from briefly checking that you have the correct supplies to ensure efficiency when packing:

Sturdy Boxes: It will benefit you to pack away small items into boxes so that you can stack as much as possible. Stacking boxes could save you money in the long run by stacking up high rather than wide. Less floor space means a small unit and a lower rate. (Pack as many important/desired items into the same boxes and make them the most accessible just in case you need them).

Coloured Tape: This will ensure you know the contents of each box. You could colour code them according to which room they belong in. For example, anything in the box that uses green tape could be from the kitchen and so on. This means you can go and grab the items you need quickly and easily when you need to, without having to look through every box to find what you need and wasting significant amounts of your time.

Suitable Transport: Safely transporting your things from your home or business to our facility is important. Some people may have a lot of things they need to store, so it is vitally important to hire the correct vehicle for the job. The easily accessible main door at Bigfoot Self Storage will make your life easier no matter what transport you bring.