Some may ask, what is it that architects Chester actually do? You may live in a house or a flat, go to a place of work and visit shops and restaurants in your spare time. These places have all been designed by architects to fulfil their purpose and include not only indoor spaces but also outdoor spaces too! Architects are professionally trained in the art and science of spaces and work with you to develop ideas and concepts for structures in the form of plans and drawings before submitting for planning approval.

Architects create the overall look of buildings and other structures, no matter how simple they may look in comparison with others – it is almost certain that an architect has been involved in the process. When designing a building or space, the desired outcome must be functional, safe and economical as well as suit the client too.

Architects are with you every step of the way from the initial consultation right through to the building stage where they will even suggest construction engineers, who have the relevant design and construct professional indemnity insurance in place, who are the right people for the job at hand. 

During the consultation process, clients and architects have the opportunity to discuss the objectives, requirements and budget for the project. Some architects may even offer pre design services too which may include feasibility and environmental impact studies, cost analysis, land-use studies and even help with selecting a site. 

After the initial consultation and agreeing on a proposal for the works, at this point the architect will get to work to come up with final plans that can be used in construction. Accompanying these plans you will find drawings of the structural system including, air conditioning, heating and ventilating systems as well as electric, plumbing and gas plans.

So, although you may not feel you need an architect for your next design project, you may want to think twice, as they are experts in the field and can guarantee the job is done and to a very high standard too!