A lot of homeowners aren’t sure on the ins and outs of using an architect so we have put together this handy series of FAQ’s to give you the answers to the need for finding, appointing and working with an architect.

Do I need an architect? 

If you are undergoing major works on your home or property it is a good idea to appoint an architect in Chester to get professional advice before you get going. If your project is much simpler and straight forward you may find that you don’t need to, however, we always recommend using one. 

How do I know if someone is an architect?

There are a lot of questions revolving around what an architect is and how do you know if you are getting the real deal. The word “architect” is protected by law so essentially, if someone is calling themselves an architect, this means they have undergone the relevant training and are fully qualified as an architect. 

You may find in your search for an architect some call themselves an architectural designer or similar. This doesn’t necessarily mean they are not up to the job, they just don’t have the relevant qualifications under their belt. 

To be an architect you must be registered with the Architects Registration Board (ARB). So when you are looking for the real deal, make sure you check the directory first.

What is RIBA?

RIBA stands for The Royal Institute of British Architects and it is a global professional body for excellence in architecture. Those that are usually signed up to the ARB usually sign up to RIBA too. 

Why choose a RIBA chartered practice? 

The RIBA meets strict criteria to be eligible, so using a RIBA chartered practice will ensure excellence in design and customer service. 

How to pick the right architect?

The best way to choose an architect is to look around for recommendations first. Firstly with family and friends who have had good experiences and then to look at online reviews and past work. 

One good thing to look at is practice and experience within the type of work that you want to do. One that has the style that you are looking for too is a plus point as it will be easier to get your point across and to achieve an end result that you are looking for.